Friday, November 4, 2016 16:04 UTC
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Be still, our hearts! Harry Styles made a huge gesture to show Kendall Jenner how much he cares about her on her 21st birthday by showing up at her home with a special present, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. Swoon! Here’s the scoop.

Kendall Jenner was overwhelmed when she received a surprise special visitor first thing in the morning on her birthday,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “Harry Styles wanted to be one of the first people Kendall saw on her actual birthday and so he came by to personally deliver his birthday gift to the supermodel.” Oh my gosh, what?! We’re dying to know what the amazing present was!

“Harry drove over to her Los Angeles home around 10:30 am on Nov. 3, and stayed for only an hour,” continued the insider. “Which was plenty of time to show Kendall how important she is to him.” We didn’t see this coming at all!

It seems like Harry is trying to woo Kendall again after their brief fling at the very beginning of 2016. (Remember those steamy yacht pics?) However, since then we learned that Harry wasn’t ready for a serious relationship, so Kendall let it go. That is, until her big birthday bash at Catch and Delilah’s in Los Angeles on Nov. 2!


Kendall Jenner: See Pics Of The Supermodel’s 21st Birthday

The former singer of One Direction reportedly showed up to the supermodel’s party and blew our minds! We thought it might just be a casual peace offering for him to show up and show her some love on her big day, but now it’s obvious that he’s trying to prove that he’ll show up the morning after as well. We really, really hope it sticks this time! #HendallForever!


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