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Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan have moved on in their personal lives. But there was a time when the former lovers could just not get over each other. Their love story had left everyone talking as it was so filmy and their breakup was more dramatic. The entire nation was heart broken the day Ash and Salman decided to part ways. Salman went through an emotional breakdown after Ash broke up with him. They parted ways on a very ugly note. To add to this, who can forget Vivek Oberoi’s explosive press conference where he claimed that Salman threatened him with a number of calls thinking he was in a relationship with the former Miss World. However, neither Salman nor Ash spoke about it ever. Presently, Ash is married to Abhishek Bachchan and is a doting mother to Aaradhya. Salman Khan, since then, has been linked with and dated a lot of women from Katrina Kaif to Iulia Vantur.

Even till date both Ash and Salman don’t want to face each other. But as we say it’s a small world and B-town is an integral part of this niche world, we tend to land in certain place or situation that we never want to face in our lives. But life is NOT easy you see.. Salman and Ash to are not spared and there have been times when they both came under one roof. Yes! Wonder how awkward that situation must be for them. Lets take a look at 5 instances when Ash and Salman bumped at the same time and same venue and how they escaped their embarrassment.


Yes! They faced each other after Aishwarya got married to Abhishek Bachchan in 2007. It was just after two years of her marriage. Ash was shooting for her film Guzzarish in Mehboob studio, while Salman had gone to shoot Veer promo. It was reported by Zoom channel, that as soon as Salman came out from his car, his face turned red coz he saw Ash walking right in front him. How awkward! Aishwarya was walking towards her vanity van and they both had an eye-to-eye contact, both soon shifted their eyes. It is also said that Khan became extremely uncomfortable after he saw Ash and couldn’t concentrate on his shoot. But being a professional, he finished his shoot and left the venue. Life can be a bitch sometime…


Salman and Aishwarya yet gain had an encounter during Mukesh Ambani’s lavish party . But this time both the former lovers were smart enough to do the time management. Remember the popular proverb  ‘twice bitten once shy’ Any way coming back, Salman and Ash both were invited at Mukesh Ambani’s party and this time they didn’t landed into an embarrassing situation as they had made sure to have an entry and exit different times.


Despite of several precautions and carefully crafted schedules. Ex lovers ended up crossing path once again. And this the venue was same, Yes! The guesses are right, Mehboob studio. It is reported that Salman was shooting for his Being Human campaign while Aishwarya was busy with a magazine cover shoot. But their teams made sure that they both don’t end up facing each other and good news is they even succeeded. Slow Clap

# 2015

Last year at Stardust award function Salman and Ash had once gain grabbed eyeballs.  They landed up at the same venue and almost at the same time. It is reported that Salman and Ash both made their exit at the same time from the event, but avoided having an eye to eye contact. Come on.. We never expected them to greet each other.


It was Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover’s wedding day where all the B-town celebrities gathered together to shower their blessings to the newly married. Even Salman and Aishwarya Rai attended their wedding  and everyone was expecting that they might bump into each other. But applause to their Pr’s time management. They played it so smart that both Salman and Ash didn’t meet despite of being at the same venue.

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